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Effective date: 3/1/2009

By using our website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the conditions listed in this document. These conditions can be modified by Cabinet Internet Store without notice.

“You” refers to anyone viewing, using, or ordering through the Cabinet Internet Store website. “Us” and “We” refers to Cabinet Internet Store.


This site is hosted in Canada for Cabinet Internet Store (Ontario Master Business License #190089052). You agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario, Canada, and to the application of the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Any use of materials on this website for other than the purpose of viewing, selecting, and purchasing cabinetry and cabinetry-related products — including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution, or republication (including a website, online service, private or public intranet, and local or wide area network) — without the prior written permission from the management of Cabinet Internet Store is strictly prohibited.


Our website will directly accept VISA or Master Card credit cards for payment, as well as any Canadian bank debit card. If you prefer, you may mail a bank draft or money order to us instead of using electronic card payment. All prices quoted (and corresponding payment) are in Canadian dollars.


We can start on your specific design as soon as the order is made, payment is made (online or received by postal mail) and we have received your measurements, specifications (which include all your input for a design), email address and contact telephone numbers. Measurements and specifications may be emailed, faxed, or postal mailed to us after placing a design order on our website. Your email address should be clearly indicated on any material to insure the material is associated with the correct order.

Look at our Measurements information page for what we need in advance measurements for your cabinetry design.

If the initial design does not meet your satisfaction, we will provide an updated design (for the same space) based on your additional input. If more than two design iterations are needed, an overall retainer will be charged before we can continue.

A coupon (credit) will be issued to you for any design services payment accepted; this coupon may be applied to ordering the associated materials for the design through us. This coupon is non-transferable.

We will provide a professional design based on the information provided by you. The design will be provided (as described below) to you within 2 business days (e.g. weekends and Canadian holidays excluded) after we have all accurate information. The professional designer working on your design is likely to have questions for you; we need your daytime telephone number, and if necessary, an evening telephone number. Interaction with the designer can be very productive. If the designer can’t contact you to resolve a question, your design will be delayed.

The design materials provided to you will be a specific layout that fits your measurements, and one or more renderings of what that layout might look like in the finishes and door style specified by you. A price for cabinet materials will be quoted FOB Mississauga, Ontario including applicable taxes. A contract will be provided for you to review and agree to prior to us ordering material from manufacturers on your behalf. You are not under any obligation to order material from us; however, any design services payment coupon is only applicable to a corresponding Cabinet Internet Store purchase.

All of these design and quote materials will be provided to you electronically by email to the address specified by you.


Once we have provided you with a cabinetry design and quote, you may wish to order all the cabinetry for that design.

In order for us to accept your order, you must accept the contract and drawings provided with the design. We must receive the accepted contract along with payment in full for the cabinetry materials. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have as part of your decision process, including providing a shipping quote (see the Shipping section below).

After we accept your order, we will place your order with the manufacturer. We will send you a formal manufacturers confirmation of that order within seven days, showing an itemized list of material ordered and expected manufacturing date. We can provide an estimated shipping date at that time: it takes approximately 10 days for the manufacturer to palletize, bin, and ship product to our warehouse after they have manufactured the product.

The time it takes the manufacturer to complete an order can vary due to time of year, any manufacturing plant shutdowns, and holidays.


On receipt of your order, we order the materials from our supplier. There is a minimum order size of $65.


We quote cabinetry FOB our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario. It is your choice as to the selection of a trucking firm (carrier) to transport your cabinetry to your job location. If you would like, we would be happy to make a recommendation and get a quote on your behalf. You may also have a preferred carrier for your destination; let us know and we will have them quote your cabinetry shipment. Quotes are based on cubic feet, weight, and transport distance of your cabinetry order.

As part of the shipment quote, the carrier can also estimate how long the shipment will take to arrive at your location after departing our warehouse.

You are responsible for payment directly to the carrier for your shipment costs. Insurance for protection against loss or damage is your responsibility with the carrier.

The carrier will visually inspect your shipment prior to acceptance on your behalf for transport. You should check for any visible damage on receipt.

We have some more pointers on shipping selection and process in our Shipping information page.

Cabinets supplied by us are manufactured in Canada and may be shipped duty-free to the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).


All hardware orders are shipped to you from our warehouse in Mississauga once we receive your specific order materials. Shipping costs were part of your ordering amount. We can only ship to Canadian addresses.


We know that you expect complete satisfaction from the products that we have supplied. You can have complete confidence that we stand behind all of the products you have purchased from us. Here's our promise to the original purchaser.

All products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date we ship the products to you from our warehouse. Door hinges and drawer slides carry a Lifetime Warranty and will be replaced if failure occurs at any time. Any replacement parts or products are deemed original for the purpose of this warranty.

This warranty obligation is a limited warranty and is for repair, replacement or credit adjustment of a defective component and those other components integrally associated with it. You must report any claim for warranty to us for approval prior to repair, shipping, replacement or other action. For warranty claim approval, we may require digital photographs to be sent to us on any specific proposed warranty item - at least one photograph from a minimum of 5 feet back and at least one closer to the product. This warranty does not cover transportation costs or on-site labor charges, nor cover any damage or product failure due to transportation, installation, abuse, neglect, normal wear or house shifting.

This warranty covers only those products supplied by us. Materials and services supplied by other trades or vendors are not covered. This warranty shall only apply to purchasers that have paid their contracts in full.

Should the manufacturer have discontinued manufacturing the warranty claim item, we reserve the right to replace it with a similar product acceptable to us.

Please Note:

The select solid lumber and veneers used in wood cabinetry are products of nature. The beauty of wood is in the color variations, mineral markings and knot accents. Like all plants wood is affected by its growing environment. Minerals in the soil give their color to the tree fibers, while wind, moisture and other elements of weather shape grain patterns. Each species has its own distinctive grain and coloration, and within each species, wide variations of color and pattern occur. These variations make exact matching impossible to guarantee or warranty but they also create and celebrate the natural beauty of wood. A wood kitchen is truly unique.

Color rendition of web photographs of product can vary between computers, internet browsers, display monitors, printers, paper quality, ambient lighting, and other conditions beyond our control. We are not responsible for such viewing variations, and these variations are not warranted.


We will not accept changes, cancellations, returns or provide refunds once a cabinetry materials or hardware order has been placed with payment in full. All orders are custom-built or custom-ordered from vendors per product specifications supplied by you; we cannot return material to the manufacturers.


New construction as well as remodeling work can be a scheduling nightmare. If your job hits a snag (permits, contractor issues, whatever) after you have placed an order with us but before we have shipped your product from our warehouse, you may have us arrange to store your order until you are ready to receive it. You will be charged the cost of moving the product from our warehouse to a local (to us) storage facility, plus the ongoing cost of the storage facility space. This would be a minimum of $300 CAD. Alternatively, you might also consider arranging for storage near your job location, and changing the shipment delivery address arrangements.


All comments, queries and requests relating to these Conditions of Use are welcomed. Postal mail should be addressed to:

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